Executive Committee

CHLA has an Executive Committee of the board of directors consisting of six individuals:  The Immediate Past Chairperson, the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Secretary/Treasurer, the chairperson of the corporation’s Audit Committee, and the chairperson of the corporation’s Government & Legal Relations Committee.  The President and CEO of this corporation shall be an Ex Officio member of the Executive Committee.

CHLA Immediate Past Chair
Tom Patton, CHA
General Manager/Partner
Hee-Won Lim-Grosvenor 
CHLA Chair
Hee-Won Lim-Grosvenor
General Manager
Dhruv Patel 
Vice Chair
Dhruv Patel
President and COO
Bijal Patel 
Bijal Patel, CHA
CEO and Principal Partner
Coast Redwood Hospitality
Laurenne Douglas 
CHLA Audit Committee Chair
Laurenne Douglas
Director of Operations
Javier Cano 
Government + Legal Relations Committee Chair
Javier Cano
Vice President & Market General Manager
CHLA Partners